Benefits of TIRA-SA Membership

The benefits of TIRA-SA membership falls into two categories:
  • Benefits to the counsellor (Facilitator):
    • You are part of a community where you can share your challenges, develop your skills, and obtain mentorship and emotional support from people who are on the same journey as you are and who understand the Southern African context and cultures. This is accomplished through forums, seminars, newsletters etc.
    • A source of clients through references from other counsellors who know and trust you, and the TIRASA web site.
    • Discounts for certain events.
  • Benefits to the wider TIRA-SA community:
    • You can share your lessons learnt and help others with their challenges.
    • You can point clients to counsellors who are better located and/or have the appropriate specialised skills and experience – e.g. someone who is good at working with children.
    • You contribute to strengthening TIRASA’s profile, which enables TIRASA to negotiate on behalf of members with other organisations.

Membership Fees

The standard membership fee is R500 per year, renewed annually on the month when a member joined TIRA-SA.

Membership Application Form

The only prerequisite for membership is that you have completed a TIR workshop successfully and signed the TIRA-SA Code of Conduct.

Bank Details

Acc holder: 

Bank: FNB

Branch code: 250655

Cheque/Current Account No: 6288 7445 768

Entering the correct reference is important so we can link your payment to your membership

Reference: Membership Number+Invoice Number Eg “RET002 INV0000345”
                    Initials+Surname + Invoice Number e.g. “FJ Retief INV0000345”

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