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Bets van Jaarsveld
062 148 9599
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    Bank Details

    Acc holder: TIRASA
    Bank: FNB
    Branch code: 250655
    Cheque/Current Account No: 6288 7445 768
    Entering the correct reference is important so we can link your payment to your membership
    Reference: Membership Number+Invoice Number Eg “RET002 INV0000345”
    Initials+Surname + Invoice Number e.g. “FJ Retief INV0000345”
    Organisation+Invoice Number e.g “JNB Council INV0000345”
    or if no Invoice Number is available
    Name/Organistion plus description e.g “FJ Retief March 24 Seminar”

    you will be redirected to contact us page, where you should scroll to the bottom and follow the grievance procedure

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